Back Blast 9/19/2017 – 65 Degrees, Rainy
5 posted at the hill for fun in the Glume

Warm Up

Saber practice
Front to Back 45 sec
Side to Side 45 sec
Cris Cross 45 sec
High Knees 45 sec
Butt Kickers 45 sec
Jack Sparrows (Side Stradle Hop) 30
Abe Vigoda 30
Arm Circles 30 front 30 back


The Thang

Beer Wench X2
Squat Jack 10
Lunge 20
Pop Squat 10
Side Squat Suffle 10

Dead Mans Chest X 2
Hand Shuffle Merican 10
Merican Side Swoop 10
Merican 10
Wide Merican 10

Kraken X 8
10 Burpees
80yd Run?


It may have been raining, it may have just been Cosmo and Logger sweating profusely. We capitalized on a pirates favorite letter “Arr” and rinsed & repeated a few steps. Some overzealous sets had us run out of time before we could complete Walk the Plan, Raise the Sail Pull the Anchor, Scurvy Cur, and Shiver My Timber. Me matey’s held in seemed to work as intended.

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