71 degrees, clear, humid

The Thang
Mosey in the parking lot
5 Tibetan Rights
Mosey in the parking lot

10 push-ups
Plank Isolation Series (30 secs each, both sides)
Side balance plank
Leg Lift Balance

Arm Lift balance
Balance planks arms/legs

Core Series

C sit core (30 secs each)
V hold
V split hold
3 level vertical hold
Heel toe hold,  both feet
Mosey in the parking lot

Yoga series
Warrior 1,2,3

Gumby-arms, legs, shoulders, back, hips


4 Brothers posted on a very humid morning for another Yoga/Gumby (Cosmo-ism I) workout.  All went well with the usual grumble-chatter (Cosmo-ism II) about C-sit position and balance position BUT…EVERYONE is getting better at these very difficult exercises….VERY good news for everyone!  Thanks for the Q…always a blast.




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