71 degrees and clear….very humid

3 Brothers posted on this very humid morning for a good old fashioned hard workout…listing the PAX here as DC posted (great to see this Kotter again) along with Brickyard and Cosmo as Q.

The Thang


Side Stradle Hops, Bean Pickers, Toe Touches, Arm Circles, Moroccan Nightclubs

Mosey to the parking lot – High Knees, Butt Kickers

Plank Curb Walk – Walk on/off the curb for a distance (left and right, there/back)

Mosey to the ‘Circle’

Core Work – Dying Cockroach, C-Sit Gas Pumps, Vertical Scissors, C-Sit Horizontal Scissors, Leg Lifts (Weezies), C-Sit Over/Unders

Mosey to the Basketball Court

Bear Crawl Suicides – Bear Crawl to the lines, Jog back (grumblechatter including the Q)

Mosey to the Circle

Leg Series – D-Motivator, Deep Squats, Wall Sits, Depth Charges, Wall sits (one-leg), Calf Raises (3 position)

Mosey to the parking lot

Traveling Rocky Balboas (Thanks Zamboni for this one) with Burpees (because no F3 Workout is complete without these)

Mosey to the Circle

Pushup Series – Merkin, Military Merkin, Werkin

Wosey (Walk/Mosey) then Mosey back to cars





Great workout with just 3 of us…missed Zamboni while sharing him with #Black Cat.  Everyone ‘got their $$$ worth’ as Brickyard says.  Great to see DC back with us…and awesome to see Brickyard ‘work out’ this season in his life with his Brothers.  Privilege to Q…let’s keep this moving forward!

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