Weather 69F with 97% Humidity

Four men met in the Gloom to see how much we could sweat in a 60 minute period. The rooster was crowing and the Emu was ready to race, so when 0700 hit we were off!


Disclaimer (F3 & TPA are not liable)


Warm Up


Windmill x10

Moroccan Nightclub x40

Air Squat x20



The Thang


1st position calf raises x25

parallel feet calf raises x25

pigeon toed calf raises x25

Traveling Balboas

Lunge of the Century (aka 100 lunges)

1-2-3 and you’re out! Dora (1-2-3 Dora with running the bases)


Pull Up/Chin Up (R&R x10)

Hanging Toe Touches x10

Wooly Worms x25

WMD Crawl


Prison Burpees

Skull Crushers x10

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20 (we tried a 4 count…and DEFINITELY modified it to single count for subsequent rounds)

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20

Tricep Dips x30

run a lap

Skull Crushers x10

Merkins x20

Tricep Dips x30

Flutter Kick x40

mosey back



Crunchy Frog x25







Honored to have been asked to come up to run a Q-School today…but since Maestro and IM have already Q’d, I spent most of my time showing the PAX tips and tricks I’ve learned from Qs I’ve seen (how to control the pace of the workout, a smorgasbord of partner vs IC vs OYO exercises, etc). Maestro – it was good to see you again…you made it look easy today. IM – thanks for going to breakfast for some 2nd F time today – I am always super impressed with your dedication to showing up before workouts to run. Cubby Blue – I can tell you’re going to workouts regularly…you crushed today’s workout! You guys have gotten a lot stronger since the last time I saw you! We definitely miss having you down in Indy…keep up to good work with EHing guys and making Frankfort a stronger community through F3.



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  1. Yeah, if making it look easy means modifying to the point of planking on my hands, . . . and knees, when I should’ve been doing Merkins, yeah it was easy.

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