At the BlackCat

61 degrees with 90% humidity with the stars shining above.

5 Brothers left their sack empty for a glorious start to the week. Dodger Dog with a FNG, Cubby Blue, Wapner, and QIC Maestro. Your QIC even almost overslept for this one. Thankful for Wapner’s presence and his flag. Mine is in the shop if you can believe that. It will be well worth it upon its return.

Disclaimer given for our FNG (as if he needed it)


Warm up

Grass pickers
SSH IC x30
FM IC x25
Merkins IC x25
MCs IC x20 (we were schooled by the “real mountain climbers”)
Pike Hops IC x10 (not sure if these exist but I wanted to try it.  Think, mountain climbers with feet together, or plank gass pumps)

Mosey to the Hill.

Dora 1-2-3

Not sure whether to regret adding the 5 burpees at the bottom though.
Planks for the six

Cool Down with Jingle balls IC x15

Mosey to the Shelter for four corners. Took the long route and lost the FNG momentarily.

Four corners at the main shelter with a ¾ run at the steps on each side

Merkins x5
Dips x10
Plank shoulder touches x20
Rocky Balboas x40 SC

Mosey back to flag

Mary out of time
Horizontal scissors IC x15
Gas Pumps IC x15

COR, NOR, COT and on with the day


From my perspective this was a strange morning in that I never set my alarm last night but I still made it. Who knows the forces at work to make that happen.  Thankful for the brothers who posted this morning.  Although, our Matchbox 20 brethren did not fare so well.



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