Less Kung More Fu

Back Blast 9/28/2017 – Cardio Kickboxing

52 Degrees, clear skies and lots of stars

4 posted at the hill for fun in the Glume

FNG (Patrick)

Warm up

Footwork – jog in place,side to side, front back, criss cross
Arm Circles
Abe Vigoda
Arm Swing – Forward, Backwards
Weed Pickers
High Knee w/ Torso Rotation
Squat Push Pull
Torso Rotatation
Side Lunge Toe Touch
Fly Jacks

Jab Cross Jab Cross
Single Leg Deadlift
Jab Cross Hook Hook

Jab Cross Hook Duck
Jab Cross Upper Hook
Pike Merican

Jab Cross Hook Upper
Feet hand hover
Jab Cross Knee Knee
Plank Hand Raise

Jab Cross Hook Knee
Mt Climber
Jab Cross Kick Kick

6min Mary
Winshield Wipers
Russian Twist
Toe Touches
Side Center side crunch
Flutter kicks

Moleskin: It was determined early on that we should focus more on flee than fight. Q demonstrated his lack of counting skill and rhythm. We worked through sets of alternating a kickboxing sequence with body weight excercies. I was hoping for higher intensity, but not bad. I may try another version of this at someting with longer kickboxing sets where we change patterns as we go and instead of counting say the motion (jab, cross, hook, hook = 1.)

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