At Black Cat AO – 70 degrees and moist

5 Men posted in the slight drizzle to crawl around like animals

15x Plank shoulder touches
20x Air Squats
Mosey around animals
5x each Small, Big, Forward, Reverse arm circles
5x Burpees

Long Mosey to north of the Pool

Animal Crawls w/ Merkins – Bear crawl across road and parking lot, do 1 Merkin. Crab walk back, do 2 Derkins.  Repeat until 13 Merkins are done.

Mosey to Concession stand

3x Leg Blasters – 20x Air Squats, 10x Lunge each leg, 5x Jump Lunge each leg, 10x Jump Squats

5x pull ups, 10x LBC’s, 4x pull ups, 20x LBC’s, 3x Pull ups, 30x LBC’s, 2x Pull ups, 40x LBC’s, 1x Pullup, 50x LBC’s

Slowesy back to flag

Ring of Fire 2x through with Merkins
15x WW2 situps
Flutter kicks for a minute (was really 1.5 minutes but whose counting)

Mumble: Quickly realized the distance for the animal crawls was to great.  All ended up modifying to only about 2/3rds the original distance.  Still was probably to far.  Decided there probably won’t be a repeat performance on animal crawls.  Other activities went well.  All are hoping Zonkies knee starts feeling better soon.

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