Kilo Twin Towers Challenge

Three brave men posted to accept the challenge. Weather perfect 65 and clear


Motivator from 7
LBAC IC x10 (both directions)
Arm stretches
Shoulder pretzels IC x15


Mosey to main shelter

Station 1:
Flutter Kicks
Squat jumps

Station 2:
Incline Merkins
Mountain climbers
Seal Jacks

Each exercise 10x single count. Between stations run down stairs (25) and up other stairs (25) then rinse and repeat full cycle 10x for 1000 reps and 1000 steps

Mosey to flag


Heel touches IC x20
Freddie Mercurys IC x20
Low plank x1 min.
Al Gore x30 sec.



YHC fearing repeat of last week was relieved when Maestro came around corner at 0658. OPP made it 3 when he rolled up in the first round of the motivator. Quick warmup to leave enough time to complete kilo challenge. Soon realized stations not balanced and modified north end. Got through the full challenge in enough time for a little Mary.

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