Warm up

Shoulder rolls

Shoulder stretches


10 lunges each leg

Finkle leg swings on your own

Mosey to big parking lot

The Thang

Team up and do ladders first round one pax does merkins while other pax runs to the end of the parking lot and does 10 side straddle Hops and returns

100 Merkins any style

100 Air Squats

100 Sit ups any style

Rinse and Repeat;

Rinse and Repeat!

Mosey, and mosey. (Some may call it running?)


Feet 6in off ground……….. like forever!

Gas pumps ic 10

Windshield wipers ic 10

Feet 6in off the ground till completion.


Three pax posted because, well, only three pax posted! Your humble communicator made the comment not creative but effective for today’s workout one of the other packs used a simple phrase so simple it sucks. We all discussed the fact we sweat more this morning than we had in a little while even though there were some mild sprinkles mixed in. We discussed growth of F3 and discussed some of the items barricade shared with us on Saturday regarding growth. Zamboni shared a prayer request for his father-in-law’s best friend having lost 4 close relatives in one month we discussed how difficult that must have been. We also discussed getting a little more serious about our second and third F which we believe will have to help with consistency and growth.





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