Weather 42 and calm on this Tuesday morning. 5 Men posted at the Hill to start the week of right!


  • Bend & Reach – IC 10x
  • Lunges, Alternating Legs – IC 10x
  • Abe Bagoda – IC 10x
  • Arm & Leg Stretches
  • Mericans – IC 5x

Mosey to nearby Parking Lot

Cardio Sprints:

  • High Knees across the parking lot and back
  • Side-shuffle across the parking lot and back
  • Lunges across the parking lot and jogging back
  • Karaoke across the parking lot and back
  • Suicide across the parking lot and back

Mosey to basketball court

Worm Hole Workout:

8 Stations (4 corners, 4 mid sections) of the Basketball Court

  • Each Station Contained one of 4 workouts
  • 1 Minute Workout Rotation:
    • Mericans
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Pike Push-Ups
    • Little Baby Crunches
  • Jog a lap around the court to the next station
  • Total Stations Completed: 14


Mosey to start location


American Hammers – IC x20
Low Plank – Hold 1minute
Sissor/Flutter Kicks – IC 15x


Colder morning with 5 PAX looking to start the week off right. Great start with some cardio to get the heart pumping. Worm Hole workout was a concept taken off of the original Death Start workout that kept everyone moving with a mixture of cardio, upper, and lower body workouts. A time limit on each exercise gave each PAX an opportunity to push to their muscle failure limits and find out where improvements could be made.


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