Two dedicated men posted to play cards.  45F and delightful.

SSH x 20
Weedpickers x 10
General Stretching

Using a deck of cards we pulled at random and completed that many reps of the assigned exercises.  Merkins = Heart, LBC’s = Diamond, Club = Squat, Spade = Lunges (both legs for 1 Rep)
Left the 2 jokers in and decided to jog 1/2 mile when they appeared.  Had a rough stretch of Merkins near the beginning and another rough stretch of Lunges/Squats at the end.

Flutter kicks x 20
Freddie Mercuries x 15
Heels to Heaven x 20
Leg raises x 20

Moleskin:  Thanks Crabby PO for getting up and joining me.  We decided early that we would do no frolicking as 2 men frolicking in the park at 5:30am might raise some eyebrows.  Talked about ways to increase the difficulty of the Thang for next time.  It should increase the pain nicely.

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