Five men posted to F3Frankfort at BlackCat. Wapner, CrabbyPO, Jay-z, I.M., and QIC Maestro posted in the Rainy 61 degree Gloom for a Pumpkin/Block party.


Grass pickers x20 IC

Windmills x20 IC

“Pumpkins” to Heaven x10 (start with blocks between legs then swing it up above head and back down for one rep).

SSHs x25 IC

Stretches (Warriors)

Block movers with grass pickers x10 IC (start with block next to left foot on the outside. Grab block c1, swing block to other side c2, put block down c3, clap c4, grass Pickers c5-8, for one rep)

Blurpees x5 OYO

Mosey, with the block to the playground to a place a certain distance from the monkey bars.

Each exercise with the block x25 then run to the monkey bars for Pull-up(s) and back to the block.

Incline Merkins, Rocky Balboas, Dips, Butkus, Frog Hops with the pumpkin to the tree, Bear Crawl with the block back to the line, Wall Sit and Russian Twist with the Pumpkin finish this one with five Toe to Bars.

Mosey to the shelter

Squats x25

Burpees x5

Lunges x30 sc

Burpees x5

LBCs x25

Burpees x5

Mosey back to Pumpkins

Plank Shoulder Touches x15


On 6s Pumpkin Holds Low and High then at a 45 to the side back to High then other side at a 45 then High hold with legs in the canoe position and then low hold in canoe.

Standing Holds with the pumpkin straight out till exhaustion, then out at a 45 till exhaustion.

Plank Holds on the Pumpkin in various positions.


Loved working out in the rain this morning. Always good to have my shower out of the way before I get home but people keep pulling bits of leaves out of my hair. Thanks Wapner for bringing the extra Pumpkins/Blocks.

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