Bring the Heat 

Warm UpSide straddle hops

High Knees

Low Plank Straddle hops

Peter Parkers


Second Warm up

The Motivator from 9 (we added a forward swing motion to make it more fun)

Note: Congrats to Darius for his first Motivator – You’re welcome… 

Calf Stretches

Hamstring Stretches

Arm Circles

Mosey to the Fish Bowl

The ‘Bring the Heat’ Thang

3 Cycles of each exercise (15 reps each, 10 reps each, 5 reps each) with focus on speed/burn

Mosey in between each cycle with Burpees (15, 10, 5)



Pull ups

Chin ups



Wide Merkins


Flutter Kicks

Vertical Scissors

Gas Pumps

Leg Lifts

V Ups


Air Squats


Toe Raises

Stair Lunges

Focused Lunges (lunge position cycle up/down)



37 F (ish) Breezy – Some PAX said ‘Perfect Weather’ after we warmed up

6 Brothers posted in the Gloom (great to see this Core Group of men posting!) and enjoyed this rep-inspired, burn workout. Mumble chatter really started with the Motivator as everyone seemed to ‘like’ the new forward motion addition and continued at acceptable levels throughout. Everyone enjoyed C-Sit position for the last round (we only did 5 reps after all) and finished strong.  

Great time this morning…always a privilege.


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