Weather 47 and clear


Crabby PO
Russell Sheets (FNG)
Jay-Z QIC (VQ)



Arm circles
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Grass pickers IC x15
SSHs IC x20


Mosey to main shelter w/barrel

Hail Mary (alternating dips x15 w/ feet up on partner in low plank) – 3 sets

Incline & decline merkins w/barrel x15 each

Barrel of Fun:

One PAX barrel exercises, other PAX stair laps and swap – skull crushers / 1 stair lap every step one foot, Al Gore / 1 stair lap every step two feet, plank on barrel / 1 stair lap skip step, squats / 1 stair lap 2 foot hop, lunges / 1 stair lap hop one leg, barrel jacks / 1 stair lap hop other leg, skull crushers / 2 stair laps skip step, Al Gore / 2 stair laps every step


LBCs x40 OYO
Flutter kicks IC x15
Scissors IC x15
Plank 1 minute



I’ve been wondering for quite some time what to do with our empty 55 gallon barrels. We have plenty more so FNGs are still needed.
It was determined that the weight of the barrel was not the issue. They were just awkward. However, barrel skull crushers burnt fairly well. A new term was also invented. “Barrel Jacks.” Yep, they burn as well. Mary may have been cut a minute short, depending on whose clock was correct. It may be a good idea for the Q to wear a watch. VQ mistake. We FINALLY got an HC from Russell Sheets and consequently an FNG for today. Keep em coming!

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