Yoga/Gumbi Q

Warm Up
Side straddle hops

Heisman Hops

Air Squats

Mosey to the other side of the building

Tibetan 5 Rights (21 reps each)


Core work (C-Sit Position)

Leg Lift w/Hold (3 position)

Leg Lift Splits and Raise

Oblique Leg Lift and Hold

Vertical Scissors hold

Horizontal Scissors with Hold


Plank Balance Work

High Plank

Low Plank

High Plank with Arm Raise

Low Plank with Leg Raise

High Plank Leg Raise

High Plank Arm Raise

High Plank Arm/Leg Raise


Yoga and Stretch

Warrior 1, 2, 3

Crescent Pose


Ankle Grab





37 F (ish) Calm

PAX: Darious, Woodchuck, DC, Zamboni, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q Stand in)

6 Brothers posted in the Gloom…Logger took ill overnight (hope you’re feeling better) and Cosmo had to standing in for Q…which made everyone happy and wishing Logger a speedy recovery (at least by virtue of some of the mumble chatter, especially during the C-Sit portion). Everyone always has fun with the Tibetan Rights and some of the PAX seem to believe these are an evil conspiracy made up by Cosmo….yeah right! Q was especially happy with the ‘grumble’ chatter that I “have a way of finding the weak areas”…which I’m very happy to help out with!

Fun every time…always a privilege.


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