32 degrees and a starry gloom.



Crabby P.O.



Maestro QIC


Started with arm stretches

Goofballs x20 IC

Grass Pickers x20 IC

360 degree lunges x5

Perfect Squats x10

Perfect Merkins x10

Stretches in the plank

Jingle Balls x10

Mosey to the Hill

Dora 3-2-1

300 LBCs (not much Mumble)

200 Merkins (some Mumble)

100 Burpees (definitely heard the Mumble)

Slosey to the playground

Heard someone wonder about leg blasters on the way, (not quite, but on the right track)

Jump Lunges x10 at the pavement

Dips x10 at the tables

at least one pull-up at the bars.

Back to the pavement for Jump Squats x10

Dips and Pull-ups

All this x3

Just enough time for Mosey to the flag

QIC took a risk cooling down with a 5 count Motivator.

Ended with Canoe Holds then a 90 hold and a stretch with toes to the ground above the heads.

PAX never mentioned the cold. Somehow it seems our AO stayed sufficiently warm for our workout. Must be something our new Parks Directer installed. Good work gentlemen, always a pleasure.

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