5 men posted for a workout where we didn’t have to “act our age”.

Disclaimer: We aren’t kids anymore, so you might have to modify today.

Warm Up

Pass ball – catcher gets out of one burpee
CLIMB (Crucible merkins substitute d for iron cross)

The thang

Our first game was tag. We had to shrink the playing area, because today’s Q was majorly overestimating his speed. If you were unable to run any longer or didn’t like running (hey Cosmo), you could do Merkins as base.

Next, we played crab cake soccer. The odd man out jogged around the field and rolled the ball back into play. The scoring PAX would be rewarded by switching to the “odd man out” position.

Hopscotch mosey (Right, both, left, both) – we will keep this one in mind in case we are ever in front of a crowd.

Dora 1-2-3 because what kid doesn’t love Dora?


Low Dolly
High Dolly
Flutter kicks
Bay City Scissors
Barrel Roll Crunches



It is always a nice opportunity to play games and get competitive in a very silly way during a workout. As we get into the colder season, it is fun to we how quickly we can warm up / reduce the cold from being a factor, as well as how the cold affects our sweatprints at the end of the workout. Prayers go out for all PAX who are busy, sick, injured, or just making excuses. F3 can do a lot of good – being in shape makes a big difference in how you feel, having men that you can connect with and talk to can help you feel supported, and having faith makes all the difference.


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