11/11 (one day early) Tribute to Veterans

Weather a very chilly 25 and clear


Crabby PO
Maestro (tardy, no pass)
Wapner QIC


Maestro lap
Abe Vigodas IC x11
Grass pickers IC x11
Moroccan nightclub IC x11
Shoulder pretzels IC x11
Annie IC x11 each arm


Mosey to tennis courts


11 4 line suicides with exercises to 11 between:

Merkins IC
Squats IC
Seal jacks IC
Mountain climbers IC
Flutter kicks IC
Burpees OYO
Pickle pounders IC
Leg raises IC
Imperial walkers IC
Al Gore 11 count

Mosey to stairs
Lt. Dans at bottom 6/12 to 11/22
Jack Webbs at top 6/12 to 11/22


American hammers IC x11
Hello Dolly IC x11
Freddie Mercury IC x11
LBCs IC x11
Heel touches IC x11
American hammers IC x11 R&R



Nice start to the day as Jay-Z came on 90s on 9 just as Jay-Z pulled up. The cold didn’t stop Black Cat men from posting and getting moving made us forget about the cold. Warmup lap officially changed to “Maestro lap” and he didn’t disappoint as he appeared when we turned the last corner. Good mumblechatter throughout and comments about Freddie Mercury not being American in Mary earned PAX another set of American hammers.

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