4 PAX posted in the fog to work on there 6 pack abs for the holidays.  40F and moist.

General Stretching
Plank walkouts with merkins
3 minutes of Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Back
Mosey to playground

Alternating between planks and an ab exercise. Can’t remember what and when but about 20 minutes worth
Mosey around a bit
Pullups to exhaustion +10 assisted pullups (if possible)
15x Ab Crunches on the swings while partner planks.  R&Rx3
10x close grip merkins, 10x merkins, 10x werkins
Mosey back to flag

Pickle Pounders
Flutter Kicks
Leg Raises
Heels to Heaven
Leg holds at 5deg, 45, 90, 180, 90, 5
ABC’s to finish it off

Mumble:  Lots of mumble about abs hurting and not being able to feel them.  Should make for a nice couple of days.

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