Post on a post

35, breezy, and cloudy

4 men posted




Jay-Z  (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night Club ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICx15

Grass Pickers ICx15

Diamond Merkins w/High five x10

Donkey Kicks 10 each leg

Quick feet for 60 seconds, burpee every 10

Mosey to parking posts

**The Thang

10 one legged squats on post (attempted)

Run to top of stairs

30 Rocky Balboas

Down stairs 

One Mike Tyson

Back up stairs for 30 Rocky Balboas

Run back to posts

10 to 1 one legged squats  (post optional)

1 to 10 Mike Tysons

Made it to 2 and 9 and ran out of time

Mosey to flag


Flutter kicks ICx15

Gas Pumpers ICx15

Merkin to side plank x10


A few new exercises thrown in the mix. Big fan of Mike Tysons. Heard some rumblings of potential ear biting taking place. Realized that either our balance SUCKS or the parking posts are too small for one legged squats. Most men opted for squats minus the post. Extra cardio today as the run between the parking lot and stairs seemed extra long. All in all a good time had by all.

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