4 PAX Posted

Warm Up

Side straddle hops

Toe Touches

Hamstring Stretch

Arm Circles

Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang

Note:  This workout involved carrying two bricks during moseys and workouts.

The Motivator (with bricks)

Mosey to the shelter

Leg Work (with bricks) – 3 Rounds

Bench Steps

Air Squats

One Leg Speed Squats

Toe Raises

Depth Charges

Jump Squats

Mosey to the parking lot

Plank Curb Walk (Down and Back)

Long Fast Mosey (3 times)

Arm and Chest Work

Pass-the-Brick Merkins

Squat Merkins (IM has another name for them)

Balance Brick Merkins

Brick Curls

Brick Triceps

Brick Shoulder Lifts


Core Work

Flutter Kicks – Brick Lifts

Gas Pumps – Brick Lifts

Twist and Lift – with Bricks

Russian Twists – with Brick pass

Slowsy to the parking lot

Long Fast Mosey (1 time)


Mosey to the cars




52 F (ish) Cloudy but now rain until the COT

PAX:  Woodchuck, DC, Zamboni, Cosmo (Q Stand in)

4 Brothers posted in the Gloom…after an all night rain (and soon to come all day rain) we had a solid 1 hour break for our workout!  After shedding layers, the group picked up our bricks and began our Thang.  Reasonable mumble chatter, especially during the second round of the leg (not quite as much as IM’s) and during the C-sit core effort.  We started some short interval training with the fast Moseys where Zamboni seemed to be the fastest on most…but I’m sure he’ll be challenged in future workouts.  Certainly a good ‘brick workout’, but there is more to do, so look for another one soon.  Lastly, the ‘slippage’ in our title came form a cautionary warning to ‘watch your slippage’ regarding the bricks and the rainwater!

Had a great time, thanks for all who posted!


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