Five PAX posted for a moderately chilly workout at BlackCat. 38 degrees and still. QIC had a long driving day the day before so stretching was the main event for warmups.

After stretches and a few merkins to side planks we had a treacherously dark mosey across a portion of the local golf course to get to a bridge that crossed a stream just to stick with the spirit of the song. Not worth it in YHC’s opinion. The PAX found the bridge to be highly suspect of the ability to handle our workout so we were left with the Hill next to the stream as our challenge. The original version of Over the River and Through the Wood had twelve verses so there were twelve sets of twelve reps each with a trip down the hill and back.

1. We “carried” the token to the hill. That was enough for “ the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh”

2. “No stop for doll or top”. Jump squats with 1/4 turn like a top. OYO

3. “Stings the toes and bites the nose”. Burpees. OYO

4. “Wave to the dogs and children as we Jingle by”. Jingle Balls. IC

5. Something about “tingle ling a ling”. Goof Balls to the top of the hill. Then, Mountain Climbers IC

6. The sleigh upsets into the snow. CrabWalk up the hill and the sleigh is “on its six” so time for Freddie Mercurys IC

7. “Kiss John and Ann”. Time to kiss the Ground with Merkins IC.

8. “Trot fast my dapple gray”. Bear Crawl up the hill. Then Jump Lunges with token OYO.

9. “The ride seems slow”. Jump Squats up the hill with token then Merkins to side planks IC.

10. “Jowler Shakes his paw.” Backward run up the hill to Patty Cake Merkins IC.

11. “Bring the pumpkin pie.” Zombie Walk up the hill with token. No exercise at the top for this one.

12. “The pudding’s done. Hurray for the pumpkin pie.” Jump Squats again with token.

Long run back to the park by way of the side walk bridge which was more than adequate for our needs and lit.

Stopped at the shelter steps for a breather and a few LBCs with tokens on our chest. Then up the steps to finish the trip back to MOM.

American Hammers just because we had our tokens with us.

WWI sit-ups with tokens.

Gas Pumps.

Flutter Kicks

Ended with a few Holds at canoe, 90, then left and right.

The holidays are upon us and I enjoyed trying out a new theme. Looking forward now to the 12 Days of Christmas.

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