Hive Workout from my first bell (first post to an F3 workout) The Hive/The Fort/ Fort Mill SC 8/5/16

Warm up
30 SSH
25 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins
20 Mountain climbers
10 Windmill

The Thang

15 Up right rows
15 Shoulder press each arm
15 Tricep press
15 kettle bell curls

Run lap

25 kettle bell swings
30 squats
15 kettle bell high pulls
15 Traveling swings

Run lap

20 merkins left arm on bell
20 merkins right arm on bell
40 chest press
20 skull crushers

Run lap

25 kettle bell dips
15 kettle bell sit ups
20 kettle bell rows each arm
20 standing presses

Run lap
Mary to finish


20 Flutter kicks

20 Gas pumps

20 LBC’s

Stretch it out

Mole skin

Logger posted even though he needed to leave early to catch a plane to Denver. So since he was going to have to leave early DC went ahead and showed up late to help make up for it so three strong enjoying the perfect weather because right after that warm-up which looks more like a workout to me than a warm up we were ready for a little light rain which didn’t come in till the very end. We did miss Cosmo but I think the absence of a shovel flag was missed even more. It was a little strange not having a shovel flag there this morning. DC ask for prayers for his ongoing medical research to help with his……. crap I can’t remember what it’s called. Also prayers for safe travel for logger. Oh and I did some research the song that references Denver ain’t your kind of town is called Please Come to Boston by get this Dave Loggins haha

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