12/2/2017 Tri Death Star Workout

12/2/2017 Tri Death Star Workout

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

High Knees



Warm up Part II

Moroccan Night Club

Arm Circles


100 Yard Dash – 3X

Slow Mosey to the BB Court

Death Star = 8 exercise spots around the outer court and inner circle of the court

Death Star #1

15 Merkins inner circle

15 Air Squats outer court

Mosey between each

Death Star #2

15 LBCs inner circle

15 Flutter Kicks outer court

Bear Crawl between each

Death Star #3

10 Toe Raises inner circle

10 Sprawls (Burpees w/o merkins)

Mosey between each

Mosey back to the cars

3 Minutes of Mary

C-Sit Gas Pumps

C-Sit Heel-to-Toe

C-Sit Leg Lifts





29 F  Calm

PAX:  Woodchuck, Brickyard, Darius, Cosmo (Q)

4 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a pretty tough Death Star workout.  Mumble chatter seemed to decrease with each start (especially during the Bear Crawls) where the Q was beginning to question his judgement about using Bear Crawls and Sprawls inside a Death Star.  Also, to my experience, this was the first time I’ve seen ‘shoe’ gloves worn during a workout (ask Brickyard about this one) but they seemed to work for the purpose.  Overall, a good time and I can see everyone’s strength increasing…great effort brothers!

Fun every time…always a privilege.


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