“Not Quite a Full Deck” 12/4/17


4 PAX posted for an unseasonably warm December morning for some card tricks.  The weather was clear but windy with a temperature of 49 degrees.




Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Moroccan Night Club IC x 14

Shoulder Pretzels IC x 15

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Grass Pickers IC x 15

Plank Shoulder Taps IC x 15

Mosey to basketball court.

Thang: Pick a card any card. 

Using a deck of cards, QIC pulled cards at random and PAX completed reps that equaled the number value associated to the card.  Hearts = Merkins, Diamonds = Squats, Clubs = LBC’s, Spades = Lunges, Black Joker = 20 Burpees, Red Joker = run to monkey bars for 10 toes to bar.

Mosey to Flag.


Flutter Kicks                     IC x 20

Heel Touches                    IC x 20

Freddy Mercury’s            IC x 20

Captain Thor                    OYO 1:4 Ratio up to 5:20


Boat / Canoe

Moleskin:  Started the workout with a RML (Reverse Maestro Lap) just to mix it up a bit.  After our warm up the PAX hit up the old ball court for some fun with the deck of cards.  The cards seemed to be shuffled fairly well as the exercises were evenly dispersed. PAX fell about 5 cards short of completing the full deck probably due to the long mosey for toes to bar.  Might drop the reps of toes to bar if/when a repeat is attempted.   Captain Thor defeated us yet again as we fell short of the 10:40 goal.  Left to start the day with a refreshed mind, renewed spirit, and recovering muscles.

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