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Jay-Z  (QIC)

Clear, cool, crisp 29 degrees

**Warm up

Reverse Maestro Lap 

Abe Vigodas ICx15 

SSH ICx15 

Grass Pickers ICx15 

Crab Jacks ICX15 

Shoulder pretzels ICx15 



Start in shelter house with 15 derkins

Jog out the north end, down the stairs, to the fountain

15 one legged squats each leg

Stair burpees up south stairs 

Back into shelter house

Rinse and repeat 15 reps down to 1


Low plank jacks ICx15

Absolution ICx5

American Hammers ICx15

30 LBCs OYO 


A mostly sick Maestro arrived on time in his green truck leading to 2 conclusions. #1: a healthy Maestro is casually late #2: it’s too dark at 5:30 am to distinguish green from black. During the Maestro lap we observed several animals crying out for Traaaaavis. Apparently,  they’re cold and need Zonkey to turn on the heaters. The Thang destroyed most shoulders and kept everyone unusually quiet aside from the derkin grunts of pain. On to Friday’s 10 degree wind chill!

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