Workout in a winter wonderland buy one get one

Upon arriving 1 minute and 30 seconds late pleased to see that the other packs did not wait on the QIC and began the warm up without me I posted the shovel flag and joined in.

Warm up

Not Worthy’s 10-count in Cadence


The Thang

Mosey across the parking lot 1 merkin one burpee

Mosey halfway down the parking lot toward the beach 2 Big Boy sit ups and 2 burpees

Back corner of the parking lot 3 side straddle hops 3 burpees

Follow the pattern until 12 burpees at which time we reversed and counted down

Total number of burpees 78

22 merkins

30 big boy sit ups

60 ssh


20 bicycles in Cadence

Bay City scissors 8 count 10 ic

ABC’s in military nomenclature alpha bravo charlie

At which point we had Cosmo stretch us out

Mole skin

It was really eye-opening Fonzy was not lying when he said once you master the layering process the temperatures really aren’t a factor when the wind kicked up it was a little Breezy but other than that very manageable other than the fact qic did not have very much creativity this morning rinse and repeat


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