5 PAX posted in below 20F weather to see how agile they could be in their snow suits.

Maestro Lap around animals
Super Slow Mo Abe Vagoda’s
Monkey Humpers x15
De-Motivator from 8

Exploding Merkins across agility ladder – do a merkin, explode up and over to next rung in ladder.  Repeat to end of ladder
Single leg hop in ladder, sprint to cone, run backwards to start, repeat with other leg, Rinse and repeat
Sideways hope through ladder, Carioca to cone and back to start, repeat hoping the otherway
Rinse and Repeat complete cycle

Jump Rope Burpee’s
1 minute of jump rope, run forward to cone 1, do 1 burpees, run back to center
1 minute of jump rope, run sideways to cone 2, do 2 burpees, run sideways back to center
Repeat to 5 burpees

Go for a 3/4 mile jog around the park looking at the lights – Frolic through the tunnel of lights

5 x Good Morning Abby’s
20 x Pickle Pounders
25 x LBC’s

Lots of complaining about the stiff ropes and how they were tripping everyone up.  It didn’t seem to be bothering me so I’m just chalking it up to poor jump roping skills.  Cold weather wasn’t bad, as there was little to no wind.  Most decided they needed better gloves though.  Only Wapner could successfully do the Good Morning Abby’s over and over.  Watching Jay-Z try, was amusing (I’m sure I looked just as bad).

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