27 F cloudy

Warm up

Side straddle hops


3 position sprawls (side-center-side)

High knees

Arm circles

The Thang

2 full rucking round trips to the fire station

Stops along the way to do (all 4 count):

50 Merkins

75 squats

One stop to do 10 Australian pull-ups

100 LBC’s after the ruck




3 Brothers (Brickyard, IM, Cosmo -Q)posted to ruck around in the Gloom. Lots of fun had by all with acceptable mumble chatter on the 4 count pushups (with ruck sacks), the LBCs and the Qs orange/pink make-shift ruck sack with too light of weight.

Good workout for the Qs first ruck!

Always a privilege!


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