22 with a tiny breeze. Five PAX posted.

Wapner, Jay Z, Crabby P.O., I️.M., and Maestro QIC were all ready to go on time for a non-Maestro lap.

Stretches and warmup

MNCs x20

Arm Pretzels x25

Windmills x15

Mini Motivator

Mosey to the main shelter for some 4-Corners fun.

3/4 run including the stairs to each station.

5 Burpees got us started.

3/4 Run to 20 LBCs

3/4 Run to 15 Merkins

3/4 Run to 10 BigBoys

3/4 Run to planks.

QIC realized his instructions were flawed and corrected the exercise to include adding the exercises at each stop so we repeated the circuit with the modification, ending up with 5/10/15/20 Burpees, BigBoys, Merkins, and LBCs.

After the repeat QIC figured another look at the first series would be a good extra rinse and repeat but doubled the reps.

40 LBCs, 30 Merkins, 20 BigBoys, and 10 Burpees to finish. Cooled down with plank shoulder touches.

Mosey to the Snack Shop for a few Body Builders (8 count Burpees with a Plank jack added)

Long mosey past the 12 days of Christmas lights alternating paradiddle runs with jogging, switching at each sign.


5s to 90s x15 IC

5s to 90s again with a Hello Dolly at the 90 x10 IC

BCSs x10

5 to 90 to Wiper Holds



QIC stayed away from the legs today. Chatter included comments about the QICs affinity toward Burpees. The idea wasn’t denied. Even with the chilly weather, we still broke a sweat and we’re sufficiently warm. Looking forward to the snow to add to our F3 Fun.

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