4 PAX posted on this misty December morning.  Weather was 42 degrees and overcast with some light mist.




Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Grass Pickers IC x 20

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Motivator Down from 6

Plank Shoulder Taps + Merkin IC x 12

Mosey to the Big Shelter House.

Thang: B.O.M.B.S.

PAX partnered up for B.O.M.B.S. Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs a stair lap down the steps past the fountain and up the other set. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete. The exercises and reps are: 50- Burpees / 100- Overhead Claps / 150- Merkins / 200- Big Boy Sit-ups / 250- Squats.

Mosey to Flag.

Bruce Lee: (Mary was ill) 

Hammers x 20

Leg Lifts x 20

LBC’s x 20

Heel Touches x 20

Crunchy Frog x 20

100’s x 20

Rinse and repeat x 3.

Moleskin:  The mist this morning was a nice alternative to the brisk cold from last week.  Bombs proved to be a good whole body workout and the stair lap added to the fun.  QIC ended up splitting the Big Boys to 100 Big Boys and 100 LBC in order to save time.   PAX IM helped check the “Seasons Greeting” sign to make sure it was properly staked out.  “Mary” was ill today so her 2nd cousin “Bruce Lee” filled in.  PAX were shooting for a x 3 rinse and repeat but time just didn’t allow.

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