Festivus Celebration

Weather balmy 46 and moist


Wapner QIC


Maestro lap
SSHs IC x25
Shoulder pretzels IC x20
Arm stretches
Abe Vigodas IC x5
Cherry pickers IC x20
Leg stretches


Mosey to Festivus Pole

Rings of Fire

Merkins x10 and hold plank x3
Flutter kicks x10 and hold canoe x3
Squats x10 and hold Al Gore x3
Monkey humpers x10 and hold ankles x1

Mosey to basketball court

Feats of Strength

Heels to heaven
Rocky Balboa
Skull crushers
Block squats
Incline merkins
Block hold
Calf raises
Decline merkins
Freddie Mercury
Block curls

Mosey to flag


Al Gore
Reverse LBCs IC x15
Hello Dolly IC x20
Heel touches IC x20
Boat canoe

Airing of Grievances



Warm morning for a workout and YHC and IM were relieved when Maestro was able to join…2 PAX for rings of fire would have been strange. The PAX took part in all of the best traditions of Festivus: the unadorned pole (I find tinsel distracting), a Festivus miracle when concrete blocks were discovered on the mosey to the basketball court, feats of strength with said concrete blocks (although no one was required to pin YHC before Festivus was over), and even a little time for airing of grievances.

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