5.5 PAX posted in the brisk gloom of mid-December to welcome back YHC to the beat downs that make F3 so wonderful. After reminding the PAX (but mostly myself) to modify when necessary, we were off.

Warm Up
Lunge Walk (~50 lunges)
Bear crawl
Motivator from 10
Mosey to curb

The Thang
RH Up LH Up RH Down LH Down
Rocky Balboas

Hop Up Hop Down
Incline Merkins (2-4, 3-6, 4-8)

180 180
Decline Merkins

Mosey to Hill
Goodbye Legs 10-20-30-40/40-30-20-10
(Squats bottom, Bernie Up/Down, Lunges Top)

Mosey to Playground
Pull Ups
Wooly Worms
Chin Ups

Mosey to Circle
Ab Strength Test (grab bar drop and raise)
Mucho Chesto (Crucible, Werkin, Merkin, Clerkin)

1 Burpee…Because F3

Mosey back for Mary

Crunchy Frog
LBC pause
Flutter Kick pause
Russian Twist pause

I was pretty nervous about putting this workout together because frankly I have no idea what my current fitness level is. Thanks to Yeti, Cosmo, Woodchuck, and Maestro for posting and Brickyard for joining us for the warm up and welcoming me back into the fold.


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