QIC Maestro arrived early enough to plant the flag for once. Had the PBY Namesake in flight this morning as well. Wapner, Jay-z, and Crabby PO joined the fun on a relatively warm gloom at 7 degrees with a windchill in the negative. Snow covered ground with the lights off at TPA gave us slightly different surroundings.

Warmed up with a non-Maestro lap

Grasspickers IC x20

Windmills IC x20

SSHs IC x20

Arm Stretches

Shoulder Pretzels IC x10

Mosey to cafe

Leg blasters

Lap and 1 Burpee

RnR with 2 Burpees

(Planned on coming back to these for a few more sets if there’s time)

Mosey to shelter for Derkins (10-1) and Dips (1-10) Ladder with a jog between shelters for each exercise and 3 Burpees after each lap.

Back to flag for MOM

Enough time for snow angels (couldn’t resist with the snow and all)

SSHs on six without feet dragging on the ground IC x20

American Hammers IC x15

QICs first Q of 2018. Come to think of it, the first BlackCat workout of 2018. It was an honor. The laps kept us moving and I think Wapner said we ran 2.9 miles by the time we were done. Good work at the BlackCat boys.

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