Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops


Arm Circles

Moroccan Nightclubs w/high knees


BLIMPS Workout

• BLIMPS (5-B,10-L,15-I,20-M,25-P,30-S)

• Lap – BLIMP Remove Squat

• Lap – BLIM Remove Plank jack

• Lap – BLI Remove Merkins

• Lap – BL Remove IW

• Lap – B Remove Lunges

• Lap – BL add lunges

• Lap – BLI add imperial walkers

• Lap – BLIM add merkins

• Lap – BLIMP add plank jacks

• Lap – BLIMPS add squats (should have full blimps on this lap)

• Lap



Flutter Kicks

Gas Pumps





-1 to 1 F  Cloudy with snow

PAX:  Logger, DC, Woodchuck, Zamboni, Cosmo (Q)


5 Brothers posted in the Gloom so see if BLIMPS could fly in cold weather (turns out they can quite well).  Great to see Zamboni back and healthy!  Even named a warmup exercise after him (from the boy who couldn’t raise his arms in the Christmas Story, then fell in the snow).  Feel free to get the scoop from Zamboni himself.

I was thinking about ‘overcoming’ and the importance for men to create a habit of this in our lives in order to keep moving forward in every other aspect of our lives.  Working out in drastic conditions is a small way to overcome, but I believe it sets up a good pattern/habit that will flow over into other areas when we keep pushing ourselves…and each other.

Glad to be ‘overcoming’ with you guys!

Always a privilege.


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