Balmy 3 degrees and clear

5 men posted





Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up 

Maestro Lap 

Shoulder pretzels ICx15 

Moroccan Night Club ICx15 

Grass Pickers ICx15 

Motivator from 6

Abe Vigodas ICx15 

Mosey to shelter house


Step up on to picnic table seat with both feet and back down, switch lead leg…..that’s one

Air squats x4

Mosey to adjacent shelter

Jack Webb’s 1:4

Started at 10:40 @ each location and worked down to 1:4.

Mosey to flag


Flutter kicks ICx20

Hello Dolly ICx15 

5 Absolution OYO

Hold low plank for final 20 seconds


Not a lot of chatter. Just some minor grumbling regarding the number of layers of clothing and the difficulty and time it takes to put them all on. Good workout. The stepping up onto the picnic tables was new and will probably be visited again. The one lesson learned today… can be present to the workout, and sitting in your car, and still be late! 

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