5 men posted at Black Cat AO to complete the Triple Triple Triple in a balmy 24F.

Warmup:  Welcome to the Jungle – Half mile run
Triple Triple Triple: 3 rounds of 3 exercises 3 times through
Round 1: Merkins, Air Squats, LBC’s – Completed to the sounds of Rush
Round 2: Butkis, Flutter Kicks, Curb Alberts – Completed to Tricky, Runnin’ Down a dream, Here I go again on my own
Round 3: Plank, LBAC’s, Lunges – Completed to Kickstart my Heart, Danger Zone, The Final Countdown
Sudden Death: Chumbawambee’s – Completed to Tubthumping
Cooldown: Slow Ride – Mosey back to Flag

Moleskin:  Was a relatively warm morning compared to the last few weeks.  Comments about possible overdressing for the temp were quickly drowned out by comments of hands being cold from being in the snow to much.  It was discovered that time definitely slows down when you try to do LBAC’s for a minute after a lot of shoulder work.  Went easy on the legs to save them for bop to the top tomorrow.


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