Warm Up

Side straddle hops


High Knees

Arm Circles

The Thang

Stacks Workout – Exercise cycle with a Mosey Lap between each exercise, ‘stacking’ the new exercise on the old one(s) (i.e. Round #1 – Exercise #1/Mosey; Round #2 Exercise #1 + Exercise #2/Mosey; etc)

Core Round

Three-position knees (plank runs, high knees, mountain climbers)

Running High Kicks

Imperial Walkers

Jump Knee Tucks

Arm Round


Military Merkin

Split Arm Merkin

Legs-down Pull up

Legs-down Chin up

Leg Round

Air Squat

Deep Squat

Toe Raises

Depth Charges

Burpee Round


Prison Burpees

Mosey to the cars





12 F Cloudy (felt like -1 F with the 10-20 mph wind)

PAX:  Brickyard, IM, Cosmo (Q)

3 Brothers posted in the Gloom for another cold one (workout not refreshment).  Initial warm up and mosey was a bit chilly, but all warmed up very quickly.  Most of the workout was spent in the fishbowl to stay out of the wind which was appreciated by all.  Q ‘felt the pain’ of missing a few workouts but all did well and enjoyed the tough workout in the cold.

Always a privilege,


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