Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

High Knees

Abe Vigodas

Arm Circles


Tibetan 5 Rites


Balance Series

High Plank

Side balance

High Plank with Lifts (R/L Arm, R/L Leg, combo)

Low Plank with Lifts


Yoga Series

Warrior 1,2

Crescent pose

Standing half moon

Standing crescent moon

Ruck around and back to cars



32 F  Clear with a BEAUTIFUL sunrise…the first of the season at the Swamp

PAX:  Woodchuck, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q)

3 Brothers posted in the Gloom on a pretty beautiful morning weather-wise, a bit treacherous terrain-wise at the swamp.  Everyone trooped through the snow and ice…even Brickyard who wore shorts for laundry reasons!  Q decided to ruck the last 15-20 minutes to keep everyone safe on the terrain.  Good workout given to challenges at the Swamp.

Always a privilege,


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