6 rounds & crawling around


5 men posted in the slightly warm, slightly rainy gloom for a classic beat down. Here’s what we did:

Warm Up
Capri lap
Shoulder Pretzels

The Thang
(Exercise 1, Mosey, Exercise 1 & 2, Mosey, etc)

5 Burpees
10 merkins
15 crab cakes
20 LBC
25 air squats
30 SSH


Bear crawl
Wall sit
Crab walk
Peter Parkers
Wall sit (lowered)
Rotating crab walk
Low plank Peter parkers

Crunchy Frog
Snow Angels
Heels to Heaven
Low Dolly
High Dolly
Flutter kicks

Recover right as the rain starts!

It was great to have a work out that wasn’t in the negative digits. It makes me excited for when it really starts to warm up, although I think we still may have a few weeks before then. Glad to see Darius getting back into the mix. Seeing a fresh face is a great reminder that we still need to be EHing to grow F3 Indy. This is prime tim: end of January is when New Year’s resolutions start to fall through and when sad clown syndrome kicks in. There are men out there that really need this group, both for their physical health and their whole being. Let’s make an effort to spread the word and start to really grow this thing!

Always an honor,


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