Icy Roads Ahead. Wednesday, January 24, 2018

30 and Icy from an over-night drizzling. Five brave men, Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby PO, TipToe, and Maestro skidded their way into the Black Cat this morning. Q was tardy due to a quick check of the stairs that were planned for this morning. Many modifications in store.


MNCs IC x20

Wall Stretches

LBACs IC x20

Leg and Warrior stretches

Mosey to almost the shelter

The Thang

Motivators from 10

Mosey the rest of the way to the shelter

What was going to be “Stairs by 5s” became “Grass by 5s”

1 Big Boy at one end and 4 Lunges each leg at the other then 2 and 3, 3 and 2, then 4 and 1

Then the same with Merkins and Burpees. Cool down with Merkins IC x10

RnR combining the two. (The plan was to change from 5 to 10, but time was questionable.)

Cooled down with Shoulder Touches

Mosey to our LegBlaster station for one round to make up for light reps on the 5s.

Mosey to MOM

Canoes and Boats (apparently from Canada this morning)

FMs IC x20

LBCs IC x20

BoxCutters IC x10 each direction

Heals to Heaven IC x15

BCSs IC x10

QIC thrown off this morning with the unexpected ice. You know it’s bad when the “2-hour delay” for school is called before the workout even begins. Modifications were made and previously discarded artifacts caused an early mosey to the first stop. We sufficiently burnt our legs and cleared the air to welcome TipToe back to the workout with a boyish energy this morning. Good work men!

Author: troyerd

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