3 men posted in the 30 degree, dry, breezy, gloom.



Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Short mosey

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICx15

Hydraulic squats x10

Plank jacks x15

Doggie paddle x10


Mosey to stairs

9 groiners at top

1 lunge each leg at bottom

(Continue to 1 and 9, respectively)

To shelter house for Squerkins

Pax1 in wheelbarrow position

Pax2 holding legs

PAX1 does 10 merkins

PAX2 does 10 squats

Due to odd number, pax3 did SSH while waiting.

Rotated until each PAX completed each position twice.

Back to stairs

9 LBC’s at top

1 dip at bottom

…..you know the drill

1 set of stair suicides

To shelter house for one more round of squerkins

Abyss merkins x10 (position benches together, suspend body between the two and complete merkin down deep into the gap)

Dips x10

Abyss merkins x5

Dips x5

Mosey to flag


10 side plank hip taps each side


Flutter kicks ICx15

Freddie Mercury ICx15

5 Absolution

Hold plank for 50 seconds


It was determined that given a predetermined fart sack by Maestro, a Maestro Lap could not be performed. Some new exercises were introduced and added a lot of excitement. Stair suicides proved to be a challenge and will make their way into regular rotation. Squerkins were a nice change up, even if they did appear to be an inappropriate position for 2 men to be in. Overall a great workout hitting several muscle groups.

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