5 PAX posted for a chilly start to the morning.  Weather was 10 degrees and overcast.





Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:


Grass Pickers IC x 20

General Stretching – Arms, Legs, etc…

Motivator from 7

Chinook IC x 20


Mosey to the bottom of the stairs.

Thang: Spartan

PAX performed 100 yard sprint followed by 10 Merkins walked it back to the start line rinse and repeat x 15.


Mosey to flag for Mary.



LBC IC x 30

Side planks hold for 30s – Left side then the Right.

Captain Thor OYO x 5

E2K IC x 10 each side.

Hold Low plank for 30s.

Moleskin:  Bit colder this morning than what it was last week.  Started with 5 PAX and ended with 3.5 due to some injuries.  It was decided the full Spartan requires more time than we had this morning.  All in all the half spartan still did a number on YHC’s legs.  Rest and Rest and back at it on Monday.

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