As of this posting, the temperature at the BlackCat is 0 degrees and -12 Windchill. Four men posted. Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby P.O., and QIC Maestro.


Warm-up lap

Tempo Squats IC x10

Arm stretches

MNC IC x20

Shoulder Pretzels IC x20

Grass Pickers IC x10

Leg Stretches

Merkins IC x10

Mosey to the Thang


BLIMPS from the Road to the shelter


Burpees/Lunges each leg/Imperial Walkers each leg/Merkins/PlankJacks/Squats

At the shelter for Four Corners with a 3/4 Run.

5 Burpees

5 Burpees/10 Big Boys

5 Burpees/10 BBs/15 Mountain Climber

5 Burps/10 BBs/15 MCs/20 Merkins

Cool down with LBCs IC x10

Rinse and repeat

BLIMPS Back to the road

Mosey back


LBCs IC x20

Freddie Mercurys IC x15 (slow cadence)

Flutter kicks IC x10

Heals to Heaven IC x10




PAX remained sufficiently warm throughout the workout despite the cold. Mumble chatter was heard when it was announced to hit the BLIMPS again. QIC was determined to have 50 Burpees and 100 Merkins by the time the workout was finished. Thankful for Zonky who showed up for work as we were finishing and he was willing to pray for us this morning. Good work boys.

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