Four PAX posted in the gloom to get warmed up for valentines day.  Weather was beautiful at 36F.

Maestro Lap
Slow Wind Mills x5
Lungy Stretchy Things x10
Arm stretches
Tempo Merkins x8
Tempo Squats x8
Monkey Humpers x15

Indian Run through the park
Roller Coaster Wall Sits – 2minutes
Burp-Back Mountain – Using the steep part of the hill. 3x up backwards while partner does burpees. Switch. Complete 100 total burpees
Flutter Kicks to recover x20
Backwards Bear crawl up hill
Partner Pull-ups to 20
Indian Run through park
Wall Sit – 2 minutes

Pickle Pounders x15
LBC’s x25
Pickle Pounders x15
Leg Circles x 10 each direction
Pickle Pounders x15

Mumble:  Lots of mumbles during burp-back mountain (mostly by me).  Just means we need to do them more now that the hill isn’t covered in ice.  All decided that saying Let’s Pound It in Cadence will definitely work.


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