37 degrees RAIN

4 men posted




Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Shoulder pretzels ICx20

Grass Pickers ICx15

Willie Mays Hays twice each side general stretching

Abe Vigodas ICx10


Mosey to “Happy Place”

Crowd pleaser up to 5:5 and back down

Leg Blaster

Mosey to bottom of stairs

6 stair suicides

Alternated between 10 Mike Tyson and 10 dips between each set for a total of 30 reps each

To shelter house for 2 sets of Squerkins and 15 dips

Mosey to flag


8 Absolution

Flutter kicks ICx20


Hello Dolly ICx15

American Hammers ICx10

45 second plank


Heard some mumble chatter about workouts looking better on paper. Stair suicides proved once again to be killer. It was definitely the most moist workout in Black Cat history. The final mosey past the “happy place” without stopping seemed to please the PAX. Mary was done on the pavement rather than wallowing in the mud but it still managed to soak us all. Good times.

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