Q: Cornwallis

Pax: DC, Kaboom, Escrow, Logger, Woodchuck, PVC, Brickyard

8 men overcame the fartsack to help me celebrate my 4 year anniversary. Here is how it went down

Warm o rama


SSH, IST, Cotton pickers, Windmill, Whacky Jacks, 5 Burpees


2 rounds

AMRAP EXERCISES while 1 person ran around the loop:

Jump rope

shoulder press 30# ruck

Squats/lunges with 40# sandbag

shoulder lifts with 2 cinderblocks

KB Swing’s 35#

KB Curls 25#

Mosey to Grass for Kackalackachoochoo


Aquamans, Homer and Marge, low dolly, rosalita, flutter kicks


– started off busting PVC’s chops for coming in late. Glad you made it out brother! Respect! Don’t ever be late again

– everyone worked really hard today and I know weighted things are not common practice, yet, but it was more for what I needed today, so thanks for hanging in there!

– challenged everyone to really question why they do this, what keeps them coming out, and to keep giving it away. Each post there are guys expecting us to show up. Let’s continue to be there for each other.

– I’m grateful for each of you, especially Brickyard for all his work gettting this thing launched almost a year ago!

Keep Accelerating! Keep Posting! Keep EHing!


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