5 Men posted with the rising sun to descent into madness.  Beautiful 30F.  All exercises performed counting down instead of up.

20 single count squats
5 super slow mo windmills
10 four count merkins
20 four count monkey humpers

Jump squat holds from 10 – 10 jump squats, hold Al-Gore for 10 seconds, 9 Jump squats, etc..
Mosey to picnic tables
Merkin/Dips flap jacks – 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Dips, 9 Incline merkins, 9 dips, etc.
Mosey back to parking lot
Merkin Plank holds from 10
Beep Test – Run to cone within given time, repeat when alarm sounds, interval drops 1 second each round, started at 26 seconds some made it to 13 seconds
Mosey to dumpster and back to recover
Uptown 25 – Cones placed ~25yds apart. Do an exercise to first cone, 10 burpees, do an exercise back, 9 burpees, down to 1 burpee.  Bear crawl, duck walk, wheelbarrow (P1), wheelbarrow (P2), run backwards, leap frog, sprint, lunges, crab walk, sprint.
Mosey back to flag

Motivator from 10

10 minutes of Mary
LBC’s x40
Flutter kicks x25
Gas Pumps x20
Pickle Pounders x20
American Hammers x15
Leg Circles in terrible 4 count cadence x 10 each direction
Heel Touches x 20
Dolly’s x 20

Mumble:  Quickly determined that counting backwards is hard.  Jump squat holds were enjoyed by all.  Merkin Plank holds were introduced and enjoyed by most (The Q needs to get better at Merkin’s)  The motivator at the end of a workout brings out the best in everyone.

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