5 men posted, 31 degrees with moderate snow and a fairly brisk breeze.

IM, Crabby P.O., Jay-Z, Wapner, QIC Maestro.


SSHs x25 IC

Grass Pickers x20 IC

Leg stretches

Merkins x10 IC

Arm stretches

Wall stretch

LBACs x20 IC

Arm circle OYO

More arm stretches

Mosey to the “Happy Place”

Body Builders x10 IC

Mosey to the Shelter

Catalina Wine Mixers w/2 Merks x10 IC

Mosey to the playground for some Big Boy Monkey action

10 Big Boys

Lunges to the Monkey Bars

5 Toes to bars

Imperial walkers back

10 Big Boys

Hillbilly Walkers to the Bars

5 Pull ups

Zombie Walkers

Planks and Annie’s to cool down

Back to shelter for a round of ATMs

Back to playground for some RnR

Cool down with some Absolutions x7 IC

Back to the “Happy Place” for 4x4s x4

Mosey to MoM

Corpse to catch our breath


FMs x20 IC

Heals to Heaven x 15 IC

Holds (15 seconds): 5, 90, 45, 90, 5, 90, 45, 90, 5



Snowy this morning and the moisture brought back the cold fingers early. Pretty sure that YHC crossed the line at some point stalling in a plank forgetting part of absolutions. It will probably happen again and YHC may actually get his butt kicked as one of the PAX actually threatened. Lots of mumble about hips. We must be getting old.

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