4 Men posted for some running around the park.  26F and dark (its getting old already!)

SSH x 25
Slow Mo windmills x5
General Leg stretching

Jog ~1/2 mile around the park
5 burpee’s
Pursuit Runs – 2 teams line up ~30 yards apart.  On start signal one PAX from each team sprints to otherside and back. Next PAX on team goes.  Do this until one team catches the other team.
5 Burpee’s
Jog ~1/2 mile recovery
5 Burpee’s
U-Boats – Split into 2 groups and lineup ~50 yds apart.  One Pax runs to other side. When he gets there 2 PAX run back. Repeat.  At one end, do squats, at other end do lunges.  When running anytime someone yells DIVE! runner stops and does a burpee.  Repeat until everyone has done at least 10 burpees.
Recover with LBC’s x 30
Burpee’s to reach 32 for the day
Jog ~1/2 mile
Merkin Plank holds from 7
Jog ~1/2 mile

Pickle Pounders x 20
Flutter kicks x 20
Heel Touches x 20

Mumble:  Everyone loves to run.  Its a fact!  We also love the cold and the dark!

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